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We will be playing at

Adagio Piano Lounge

on Saturday, Dec 16

We last played at the


on Saturday, Nov 4




Our last gig at Knuckleheads for 2017 did not disappoint!! The food was incredible and the show matched. We debuted another great jam in Bruno Mar's That's What I Like and the ladies on the dance floor let us know it was well received. Finally, we'd like to thank the Knuckleheads crew for always being awesome to us, and we're already looking forward to our 2018 gigs there.

Get Lucky takes a few weeks off before we bring it back home to Adagio Piano Lounge for our final show of 2017 on Saturday, December 16th. Now we warn you, this show will be absolutely bananas and packed with our hometown crowd. So plan to get here early for dinner and hold your spot for Get Lucky's epic 2017 send off show.

Get Lucky's Latest Video!!

Not yet a fan of Get Lucky, well, here's your chance.

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